+49 5105 520 558 info@ersatec.com

From July 1st 2020 our postal address changes to
ErsaTec GmbH
Dahlkampsanger 5
30890 Barsinghausen
Please note that there may be problems in the near future with the availability by phone and please use the e-mail service.
Geo-coordinates for the approach with older navigation systems:
52.318137, 9.468313


Nice to meet you. ErsaTec is your competent contact in the domain of analysis regarding volatile hydrocarbons by flame ionization detectors. We support you by servicing and maintaining your Bernath Atomic, Sick Maihak and of course the modern SmartFID systems developed by our company. In addition, you will find all information about our FID systems SmartFID and SmartFID ST. We will also help you to configure your plant. Over all we are already developing the FID generation of tomorrow …