New: Trend visualiation for SmartFID

ersatec smartfid trend aktivErsaTecs SmartFID now offers the option to visualize the course of measured value directly on the screen of the device. This means that users will no longer have to run an export of logged values and transfer them in a diagram by using a spreadsheet.

The trend visualization allows the user to watch the time dependent behavior of the measurand by displaying this value and the reached maximum in a chart. By this option it is possibly to review these values back to an hour. Numerous functions of configuration empower the user to examine the progression. That includes e.g. various function of zoom and navigation or the variable configuration of y-axis.

 Further information

FID measuring principle

Flame Ionisation Detectors (FID) are known to be reliable and robust analysers in the domain of volatile organic compounds (VOC) analysis.

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